Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center AODA Counselor in CBRF, Wisconsin

Lakeview Specialty Hospital Hospital is currently recruiting for a Full Time AODA Counselor to work at our 24-Hr Community Based Residential Facilities (CBRFs). AODA Counselors are responsible for providing individual and group counseling, and maintaining oversight of participants in our designated AODA Residential Treatment program.


  • Provide AODA assessment and client screening within established time-lines.

  • Discuss and complete case management assessment incorporating information previously gathered through the client's referral packet, client application, and collateral resources.

  • Monitor and coordinate performance of each of the client's identified needs through an individualized treatment plan.

  • Educate and implement with client any or all basic living skills in order to maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

  • Maintain a continuous relationship with the client, assisting wherever and whenever required in the alleviation of crisis provoking situations, and assuring the provision of assessment, planning, linking, monitoring, advocacy and re-assessment in response to the client's changing needs.

  • Provide assessment and treatment information to treatment team on an ongoing basis.

  • Contribute to the development and revision of each client’s treatment plan according to established guidelines.

  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of CBRF.