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SoftwareONE Solution Sales (FDC) in Bangkok, Thailand

Why SoftwareONE?

SoftwareONE Technology Services is a premier provider of professional and managed services. Our Technology Services ethos places the customer outcomes at the heart of everything we do. SoftwareONE works closely with customers to align business and IT objectives.

We support the organizational goals through our solutions. Based on the business objectives and IT investments, we provide IT strategy, defined roadmaps, and design and implement solutions to accelerate the transformation of our customer's business.

Meet Sean Nicholson, our Global Director Technology Services. He has played a key role in driving SoftwareONE’ s incredible transformation from its focus on reselling to offering a wide array of technology services company. Watch Sean share his story and thoughts for the future.

The role

Future Data Center

This role is about explaining to customers: how IT systems can become more efficient, scalable and available, how they can simultaneously reduce and outsource operating costs, how everything remains secure and controllable, and how SoftwareONE services help accomplish these goals through cloud. Of course, with the purpose that this leads to the closing of a contract for these services.

The portfolio for Future Data Center services ranges from advisory over delivery to managed services covering, among others:

  • Cloud Compute, Storage, Database

  • Cloud Security

  • Cloud Governance

  • Cloud Optimization

  • Cloud Support and Management

  • Cloud Native Applications

  • Serverless Architecture

  • Re-Architecture of Database on Cloud for Scale

  • Big Data and Analytics

  • Datawarehouse and BI

  • SAP on Cloud

    Solution Sales Specialists usually do not have a clear focus on selected customer segments.However, they might be assigned to a set of Customer Business Development Managers, which may result, e.g., in focus on specific geographies, industries, or sizes.

    Activities across the sales process

    Solution Sales Specialists already provide support during the generation of sales leads, e.g., as a technical evangelist for marketing activities, including speaking/presenter engagements at conferences, conventions, user groups, webinars, etc.

    The FDC Pre-Sales takes responsibility for business opportunities that have already been qualified by Customer Business Development Managers. Together, they work to identify the customer's business goals, how the applications serve a business function, and how we add value to through the solution through quantifiable measurables like TCO and Agility.

    The FDC Pre-Sales Should be able to map the decision process, decision criteria, compelling event, competitive situation, and be able to identify the customer budget.

    Through this and thanks to their excellent subject matter expertise, Solution Sales Specialists design an ideal solution for the customer based on the existing service portfolio. This also includes the initial estimate and structure of prices that they present to customers in an initial proposal. If this proposal is accepted, they will make an appropriate statement of work.

    The Solution Sales Specialists should be able to competitively differentiate the solution, the approach, SoftwareONE etc. across three areas, comparatively, uniquely and strategically. This should come from the domain expertise and the approach to the solution.

    Solution Sales Specialists remain responsible until the business opportunity is contracted and will bring their knowledge to every activity. They then ensure a smooth handover to the service delivery teams. They will also continue to support afterward if necessary, e.g., as part of change management.


    The role of the Solution Sales Specialist is uniquely networked with several key players of a successful services business, e.g.:

    MarketingSolution Sales Specialists act as a source of ideas, market, and technical knowledge as well as a speaker or author for marketing initiatives.

    PartnerThis ranges from local service partners to our global partnerships, such as with Microsoft Azure and AWS.

    Innovation & TechnologyThis global department is in charge of utilizing technology to create new solutions for the demands of our customers. In the course of the development process, Solution Sales Specialists are involved because of their direct experience with solutions and customers.

    Service DeliveryThe close and trustworthy collaboration with the service delivery teams is essential. Solution Sales Specialists need to rely on the capabilities of service delivery and vice versa on the ability to create a proper statement of work.

    SalesThe closer their partnership, the more successful they will be. Customer Business Development Managers bring in their unique network within their customers as well as a perfect sense of new business opportunities. Solution Sales Specialists, on the other hand, utilize their subject matter expertise to become a trusted advisor for customers.

    CustomersThe purpose of all activities is providing value to customers. Solution Sales Specialists have to utilize their subject matter expertise to provide valuable insights to customers and ideally become a trusted advisor for them.

    Tasks and Responsibilities


  • Participate in go-to-market (GTM) activities by working closely with global initiatives to customize documentation locally and preparing and delivering content and messaging

  • Act as a technical evangelist for marketing activities, including speaking/presenter engagements at conferences, conventions, user groups, webinars, etc.

  • Maintains a network in the market and identifies opportunities for our business growth

  • Maintain and acquire advanced level technical certification in assigned area and maintains professional and technical knowledge

    Sales Process:

  • Responsible for partnering with BDMs and local sales leadership to drive net new business opportunities within the existing territory account base as well as supporting customer acquisition activities as assigned

  • Partners and co-owns sales activities at a customer level with the field-based account manager

  • Prepares cost estimates for professional and managed services (deployment, migration, implementation, workshops, etc.)

  • Follows proper documentation process for assigned business opportunities

  • Follow the Future Data Center Business Operations, Planning and weekly forecast and cadence reviews followed by Monthly and Quarterly business reviews.

    Measurement and Improvement:

  • Identifies areas of improvement in Solution offerings and contributes to the execution of improvement roadmap together with several stakeholders.

  • Works closely with service delivery teams to ensure the profitability of service solution proposals

  • Performance and success measured by sales closures and gross-profit performance of assigned opportunities/projects, geographies, customers or Customer Business Development Managers.

  • Maintain and acquire advanced level technical certification in assigned area and maintains professional and technical knowledge

What we need to see from you

Required Skills

Technical Skills - Future Data Center

  • Microsoft and/or AWS Certified: Azure Solutions Expert (preferred) or AWS Certified Professional (preferred) or Associate service-oriented architectures IaaS and PaaS reference architectures

  • Data availability concepts

  • Continuous Development / Continuous Integration / DevOps Architectures

  • Internet of Things

  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

  • SAP on AWS/Azure

  • Cloud Governance

  • High-performance computing

  • Serverless computing

  • The ability to hold workshops from 4 to 8 hours long on how best to start the Cloud Journey

  • Cloud Security Framework

  • The ability to hold workshops from 4 to 8 hours long on Security Topics

    Technical Deep Dive - Future Data Center

    A Solution Sales Specialist must be able to participate in all discussions about general IT strategy. They must, therefore, be able to talk freely about each of the following topics:

  • Cloud Strategy

  • On-Prem to Migration Approach - IaaS, PaaS and how to migrate on-premises infrastructure to the cloud

  • Pre-Migration Planning

  • Dependency Mapping

  • Cloud Networking

  • Change Management

  • Cloud Security, Risk and Compliance and Shared Security Model

  • Structure/architecture of complex IT systems

  • Web applications based on JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

  • Basic scripting python code

  • Automation tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation, Service Catalog and Azure Functions

  • Serverless Technologies

  • AGILE Concepts

  • DevOps

  • Windows Servers, Linux Servers, Virtualization, and Container Technologies

  • Principles/Experience in IT Support and IT Service Management

  • ITIL

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Identity and Access Management

  • IT security, vulnerabilities, attacks and countermeasures

  • Possible application areas of so-called low-code applications and how their creation in the shortest possible time.

  • Relational databases based on tables, keys, and references as well as advantages and applications of NoSQL databases, Columnar databases and offloading batch workloads off relational databases, Use of cachings database network segmentation, routing, firewalls and terms like IP, MAC, DNS, DHCP, Ports, Sockets, MPLS standard Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption Algorithms, Hashes, Authentication Methods, and Key Management critical business IT systems like ERP, CRM, and Master Data Management

  • API Management

  • Key Management and Rotation Best Practices Landing Zone and Control Tower

  • Common Cloud Integration Points

    Please prepare a power point or word document to talk about the application of all these technologies in preparation for the technical interview.

    To complete their tasks in the creation of sales documents and the conclusion of contracts, they need to now:

  • How to drive the added value of products/solutions from the challenges (pain) and goals (profits) of the customers.

  • How to close deala

  • Negotiation Strategy (how to close and use of BATNA)

  • How to calculate continuous managed services

  • Project management methodologies, e.g., according to PMP, IPMA or PRINCE

  • How to weigh the total cost of a solution against the expected positive monetary effects.

  • How basic license models are structured (e.g., per named-user, concurrent-user, device, CPU)

  • How to budget, monitor and predict expenses, especially in public cloud environments

  • Contract types and when to use which one

  • How to identify, calculate, and finally reduce risks.

    After all, they must be able to:

  • Write a statement of work

  • Hold a one-hour lecture with a maximum of 20 PowerPoint slides

  • Sketch an actual situation and a target state during a workshop using a (digital or classic) whiteboard

  • To communicate appropriately in business orally and in writing

  • Organize themselves on their responsibility

  • Present complex facts in a short, concise narrative style

  • Overcome complicated challenges and solve them independently

  • Understanding organizations and informal processes as well as identifying, assessing and ultimately influencing stakeholders

  • Develop the necessary sensitivity for each contact person on the customer side

  • In Preparation for the interview prepare a presentation on a technical topic and be prepared to present the value of the solution with a prepared 5 Year TCO, How the solutions is differentiated

  • ability to travel to meetings with customers and partner

  • 5+ years of experience with sales engineering within the domain of practice

  • University (ideally Master’s) degree in the field of Information Technology preferred, alternatively an equivalent combination of experience and education.


Location : Name LinkedSoftwareONE, Bangkok, Thailand

Posted Date3 months ago(1/28/2021 7:02 AM)

ID 2021-8701