Assets Inc Life Coach I Phoenix Team (FT Mon-Fri 3pm-9pm) in Anchorage, Alaska

In accordance with Assets, Inc. core values and mission, this position provides direct and indirect support, guidance, companionship and trainings to individuals experiencing developmental disabilities and/or mental illnesses in a variety of community and home settings. This position may require de-escalating verbally or physically aggressive individuals according to identified procedures and individual client/site protocols. This position typically works Mon-Fri 3:00pm-9: 00pm , although the schedule may vary based on needs of the department Essential Duties and Responsibilities Adheres to and demonstrates Assets, Inc. core values, mission, policies, procedures and compliance plan in the performance of all aspects of this position. Effectively supports individuals in achieving social and community inclusion consistent with their personal/cultural preferences and treatment plan objectives. This includes, but is not limited to: Providing training as requested on daily living, coping, social and socio-sexual skills and supports served individual progress toward independence. Providing basic safety, supervision and monitoring of individual(s) served, as prescribed in the individual treatment plan(s) and/or site protocols. Promoting and supporting individuals in achieving a holistically healthy lifestyle. Assisting in the development and maintaining of natural supports. Effectively advocates for individual served. Provides timely documentation of all treatment, programmatic and billing procedures, including Completing tracking and service notes by established timeline. Maintaining working file content and updating as required. Documenting activity money and coordinating prudent fiscal tracking with supervisor, other staff and care providers. Uses crisis prevention, intervention and de-escalation techniques according to identified procedures and individual client/site protocols. Participates in treatment team and staff meetings as requested. Interfaces well with all team members. Provides input and contributes to the formulation and development of individual treatment plans and their review. Satisfactorily completes all required trainings according to established timelines. Maintains company standards of confidentiality and ethical practice in all aspects of this position. Available to work a varied and flexible schedule, based on client and team needs. Other duties as assigned by supervisor and/or based on specific sites or individual requirements.