Calista Corporation Crane Operator in Anchorage, Alaska

JOB SUMMARY: Alaska Crane is a subsidiary of STG Incorporated (herein referred to as STG or Company ) that performs call-out and contract crane services using cranes ranging from 28-ton boom trucks to 660-ton crawlers. The Crane Operator must be highly skilled and certified in crane operation and as a rigger/signalperson and have experience operating a variety of heavy equipment and smaller company vehicles. This position is responsible for the safe operation of our crane fleet and for providing great customer and crane service to a wide variety of customers in Prudhoe Bay, AK. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Responsible for the safe operation of various types of boom trucks and cranes under general supervision to lift, move, position and reposition loads based on project and job needs. Manipulate or depress crane controls to regulate speed and direction of crane and hoist movement in a safe, precise and efficient manner according to written, verbal or signal instruction. Move levers and pedals to rotate cranes on chassis to raise and lower crane boom and to raise and lower load line. Transport, assemble, set up and rig cranes properly. Inspect crane and lifting gear prior to each use to ensure it is in safe and proper working order according to safety standards; o Determine if any parts are malfunctioning or in need of maintenance or service. o Properly document and report concerns and deficiencies. Use load charts to determine lifting capabilities and ensure lifts are within load limits of equipment and correctly rigged. Place blocks and outriggers to prevent capsizing when lifting heavy loads. Bolt boom sections together to extend or modify boom for high lifting or pile driving. Stay constantly aware of external conditions and surroundings and maintain a safe environment at all times. Accurately use and interpret hand signals commonly used by signal person. Function as rigger/signal person depending on work and staff at hand. Complete job tickets, crane inspection reports, and other necessary paperwork with accuracy in a timely manner. Provide superior customer service and maintain professional communication with external and internal customers. Perform preventative maintenance work such as lube work, cleaning parts, taking fluid samples, replenishing fluids, inspecting components and parts for proper operations, damage or wear, etc. Repair and replace components and parts as need. Drive trucks to worksites and unload trucks. Operate various types of fleet trucks, trailers, loaders, forklifts and other heavy equipment. Maintain consistent and punctual attendance; report to job sites on time. Perform physical labor that requires considerable use of one s arms and legs, moving your whole body such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping and handling of materials at work sites. Maintain a neat, clean and organized work space Assist with clean up and maintenance of yard and shop as needed. Duty to conduct oneself in the best interest of the company while on the job or representing Alaska Crane and associated companies. Report any incident, situation or activity that may affect the company s ability to operate safely, ethically and profitably to the company Safety Manager. Work as a team-player with co-workers in a respectful and supportive manner and mentor less experienced coworkers. Maintain required certifications mandated by law, company policy or required by position. Seek and participate in development and training opportunities. Work in a constant state of alertness and in a safe manner. Perform other duties as assigned. <